Standing Orders

These Standing Orders of The Regents of the University of California were adopted by The Regents on April 18, 1969, at which time all previous Standing Orders were rescinded.

This edition includes amendments adopted up to and including September 2021.

100. Officers of the University

100.4 Duties of the President of the University

101. Faculty Members and Other Employees of the University

101.2 Compensation

103. Special Provisions Concerning Officers, Faculty Members, and Employees of the University

103.3 Equivalent Ranks and Privileges
103.7 Severance Compensation

105. Academic Senate

105.1 Organization of the Academic Senate
105.2 Duties, Powers, and Privileges of the Academic Senate

110. Academic Units and Related Activities of the University

110.1 Academic Units and Functions, Affiliated Institutions, and Related Activities of the University
110.3 Diplomas

130. Changes in the Standing Orders of the Regents

130.1 Repeal and Amendment of the Standing Orders

Schedule of Reports


View the annual Schedule of Reports to the Regents (pdf).