Standing Order 105. Academic Senate

105.2: Duties, Powers, and Privileges of the Academic Senate

  1. Rescinded
  2. Rescinded
  3. The Academic Senate shall determine the membership of the several faculties and councils, subject to the provisions of Standing Order 105.1(c), except the faculties of Hastings College of the Law, and San Francisco Art Institute, provided that the several departments of the University, with the approval of the President, shall determine their own form of administrative organization, and all Professors, Associate Professors, Acting Professors, Acting Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors, and all Instructors of at least two years' service shall have the right to vote in department meetings.
  4. Rescinded
  5. Rescinded
  6. The Academic Senate is authorized to advise the President and the Chancellors concerning the administration of the libraries of the University.
  7. The Academic Senate is authorized to select a committee or committees to approve the publication of manuscripts by the University of California Press.
Includes amendments through September 30, 2021