Notice of Regents Meeting, November 17-18 2004

Meetings of The Regents of the University of California and its committees are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, November 17-18, 2004, at Covel Commons, UCLA as follows. (Starting times following the first scheduled session are estimates. If a session ends earlier than expected, the next scheduled session may convene immediately. Closed sessions may be convened earlier in the day if time permits).

At this meeting, The Regents will begin moving to a new committee format in which certain committees may meet concurrently. For instance, at this meeting, the Committee on Audit and the Special Committee on Regents' Procedures are scheduled to meet concurrently on Thursday morning. Audio webcasts of both committee meetings will be available on the Regents' web site when the concurrent format is used.

Major issues, such as discussions of the state budget and the national laboratories, will continue to be heard in committee meetings where the full board is able to attend. This format is being tested in order to respond to Regents' suggestions, discussed at their recent retreat, for making the best use of the meeting time and allowing individual committees to focus more deeply on subject areas in their purview, while still allowing the full board to focus on the issues of broadest interest.

Committee chairs will report on their deliberations, including recommended actions, when the full board reconvenes, and board-approved actions also will be available following each meeting.