Notice of Special Meeting, August 8, 2023

A meeting of The Regents is scheduled for August 8, 2023 by teleconference. 

Teleconference locations: 
-106 E Babcock Street, Bozeman, MT
-1115 11th Street, Sacramento, CA
-1414 O Street, Sacramento, CA
-3299 Holiday Court, La Jolla, CA
-631 C Avenue, Coronado, CA
-12011 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
-500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA
-2500 Steiner Street, San Francisco, CA
-2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA
-760 Lausanne Road, Los Angeles, CA
-880 Camino Del Mar, San Francisco
-10 Killebrew Lake Road, Orcas, Washington
-3200 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
-6629 Round Oak Road, Penngrove, CA

Click on the Committee meeting below to see the agendas. Please note that all times indicated and the order of business are approximate and subject to change.

August 8, 2023

7:00 am

Board (closed session) (pdf)

Times indicated and order of business subject to change

Tricia Lyall
Secretary and Chief of Staff to The Regents