Meeting Agendas and Schedule

Dates and locations of scheduled Regents meetings are listed below. Ten days before each scheduled meeting, the Notice of Meeting (agendas) will be available on this website.

The University of California subscribes to the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need reasonable accommodation, please contact the Secretary and Chief of Staff’s Office ( no later than three business days prior to the meeting.

  • April 26: Special Meeting (closed session)
    May 14-16: Regents Meeting (UC Merced)

    June 12: Health Services Committee (UCLA)

    July 16-18: Regents Meeting (UCSF)

    August 14: Health Services Committee (UCLA)

    September 17-19: Regents Meeting (UCLA)

    October 9: Health Services Committee (UCLA)

    November 12-14: Regents Meeting (UCSF)

    December 11: Health Services Committee (UCLA)

  • January 21-23: Regents Meeting (UCSF)

    March 18-20: Regents Meeting (UCLA)

    May 13-15: Regents Meeting (UCSF)

    July 15-17: Regents Meeting (UCLA)

    September 16-18: Regents Meeting (UCSF)

    November 11-13: Regents Meeting (UCLA)