Regents Policy 8401: Policy on the Acceptance of Gifts for Housing Student Groups

Approved August 13, 1965
Amended September 22, 2005

It has long been and continues to be University policy to provide proper housing for students by the construction and maintenance of student housing facilities. It has also been and continues to be University policy to encourage others to make provision for such housing by collaborating with officials of the communities in and near which the campuses are located, to offer housing inspection and approval services, and by maintaining rental information services for approved student housing facilities. In furtherance of this same general policy and in recognition of the contributions made to University life by student living groups approved by the Chancellors, The Regents also will consider gifts, bequests, and devises for the acquisition, construction, and improvement of such facilities for such approved student living groups, and leases of University property to such groups as appropriate, under criteria established by the President.

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