Regents Policy 7502: Policy on Reduced Fee Enrollment for University Employees

Approved July 17, 1981
Amended January 19, 1990, September 22, 2005 and November 2008

  1. Employees who desire to register as students under rules established by the President are permitted to enroll in regular session courses not to exceed nine units or three courses per quarter, whichever is greater, upon payment of one-third of the University Registration Fee and one-third of the Educational Fee;
  2. Employees so registered are ineligible for services provided to students (such as the Counseling Center, recreational facilities, or the Student Health Services).
  3. Former University employees who have retired within four months of the date of separation from University service and who are annuitants of a retirement system to which the University contributes remain eligible for the Reduced Fee Enrollment Policy for University Employees subject to all of the limitations applicable to employees.
  4. The President is authorized to approve reduced fee enrollment exceptions for up to twelve units or four regular session University courses per quarter, whichever is greater, for selected nursing employees. The President is authorized to delegate to Chancellors the authority to approve similar exceptions.

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