Regents Policy 7501: Policy on Payroll Deductions for Charitable Contributions and Development Programs

Approved May 19, 1972;
Amended May 21, 1976 and May 16, 1997

The President is authorized to approve payroll deductions from employees' wages:

  1. each campus and at each University-operated Department of Energy Laboratory for contributions to the agency handling the principal or a major combined charitable fund drive in the campus or Laboratory area, as recommended by the Chancellor or Laboratory Director; and
  2. at each campus for contributions to one or more campus fundraising campaigns as recommended by the Chancellor for specified student assistance and/or campus development programs, with the understanding that any deductions will be voluntarily authorized by the individual employees, the campus or Laboratory will be reimbursed by or on behalf of the campaign for administrative costs, and that each campaign is subject to approval for payroll deductions by the President in accordance with guidelines to be established by the President.

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