Regents Policy 7403: Academic Personnel Policy for Professional Librarians

Approved May 19, 1972

That The Regents approve certain principles of academic personnel policy for professional librarians in the University's libraries, as set forth below, and that the President be authorized to incorporate these principles in administrative documents on academic personnel policy for these members of the academic staff:

  1. Appointments to positions in the Librarian title series, other than appointments which are explicitly temporary and for stated periods of time, may be designated either as potential career appointments or career appointments. The concepts of potential career status and career status are to be used in accordance with the following additional principles and limitations, together with such further regulations as are deemed by the President to be necessary.
  2. An appointee in potential career status may qualify, after a suitable trial period and careful review, for a career appointment.
  3. An appointee in potential career status shall be subject to periodic reviews of performance, professional competence, achievement, and promise. Such an appointee is subject to termination after due notice if, after thorough review and a reasonable trial period (with an upper limit on length of such period set by the President), he or she is not deemed worthy of retention.
  4. An initial appointment in the Librarian title series shall not be in career status. Rather, career status shall be achieved only after a trial period in potential career status.
  5. An appointee who has achieved career status is expected to continue to perform as a professional librarian at a satisfactorily high standard. The quality of each such career appointee's achievement and performance of duties will be reviewed thoroughly at regular intervals according to criteria and procedures established by the President after suitable consultation. If a review results in an unfavorable evaluation, the appointee may be subject to termination, after due notice. Otherwise, the appointment will be continued. Suitable appeals procedures shall be available as a protection against arbitrary, capricious, or unreasonable termination.

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