Regents Policy 7402: Policy on Funding of Regular Ranks Faculty Appointments

Approved November 19, 1971
Amended September 22, 2005

  1. It is the policy of the University of California that no appointment shall be made to a title in the Professor Series (i.e., to any of the titles Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor) unless there is an appropriately budgeted provision for the appointment. Any exception to this rule must be approved by the President.
  2. Appointments in the Professor Series are for duty in departments of Instruction and Research, or in equivalent administrative units (e.g., colleges and divisions) with combined instruction and research functions. Any exception to this rule must be approved by the President.
  3. Except as noted in 4., following, an appointment to the Professor Series shall not be made unless the full amount of the regular salary for the position (on the academic-year or fiscal-year academic salary scale, whichever is appropriate) is available and assigned to the position from General Funds, Educational Fees, and/or Professional School Fees.
  4. The following exceptions to the provision stated in 3. may be permitted upon recommendation of the Chancellor and approval by the President.
    • Appointments supported in part or in full from permanent endowment income. 
    • Appointments supported in part or in full from continuing Federal appropriations, such as Hatch Act or Sea Grant funds.
    • Appointments in certain of the faculties of the health sciences, in conformity with Regentally approved salary scales or compensation plans in which a part of the total compensation of the appointee may be derived from fees collected for patient care services and from extramural contract and grant funds.
    • Appointments, very limited in number, supported in part or in full from foundation or other extramural sources, when warranted by exceptional circumstances.
  5. If, in connection with an extramurally-funded contract or grant project, an appointee in the Professor Series undertakes duties which substantially detract from his or her ability to perform the regular duties of instruction and research for which he or she was appointed, an appropriate portion of his or her total salary shall be charged to the project and paid from extramural funds. The General Funds thus temporarily released may be used to pay for temporary services of an individual to perform the duties from which the aforementioned appointee was diverted. But, for every appointment in the Professor Series with the exceptions noted in 4, and with exceptions for those professors who have concurrent appointments at the University-operated Department of Energy Laboratories, there is a continuing lien on General Funds for the full amount of the salary provided for in the terms of the original appointment.

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