Regents Policy 7200: Policy on Definition of Total Compensation

Approved July 15, 2010

TOTAL COMPENSATION shall be defined as:

  1. All salary and other cash payments made to the employee or on behalf of the employee including but not limited to: base salary, stipends, incentive payments, bonuses, cash awards, automobile allowances, or any other cash payments that would be considered W-2 income to the employee.
  2. One-time payments/reimbursements made to the employee or on behalf of the employee including but not limited to: relocation allowance, temporary housing reimbursements or allowances, moving expense reimbursements, payments pursuant to post-retirement agreement, payments pursuant to severance/separation agreements, or any other reimbursements made to the employee that would be considered W-2 income and are not considered business-related expenses.
  3. Any benefits and perquisites including but not limited to: health & welfare benefits including retirement available to all career employees, senior manager life insurance, executive business travel insurance, executive salary continuation for disability, any home mortgage loans, senior management supplemental benefit program contributions, University provided housing, vacation and sick leave accrual, leased automobiles, post-retirement employment agreements, special or supplemental health or retirement benefits, severance or separation agreement benefits, any cash payment in connection with any severance or separation agreement, special sabbatical or other leave arrangements, or any other benefits or perquisites provided to the employee for services rendered to the University of California.

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