Regents Policy 7102: Policy on Appointment of Chancellors

Approved May 15, 1981
Amended January 2008 and June 26, 2018*

  1. The President of the University will conduct a continuous search for promising candidates for Chancellorships. This process is included as an important complement to the systematic nationwide search which will be undertaken each time a vacancy occurs.
  2. When a vacancy occurs or is imminent, a committee will be appointed to advise the President of the University. The Committee will consist of five Regents appointed by the Chair of the Board, as well as the Chair of the Board and the President of the University, who serve ex-officio. Additional committee members will be selected as follows: five faculty members appointed by the President of the University - one shall be either the Chair or Vice Chair of the Academic Council, one shall be a faculty member from a campus other than the one that is the subject of the search, chosen from a panel submitted by the Academic Senate's Universitywide Committee on Committees, and three shall be campus faculty members chosen from a panel submitted by the campus Academic Senate Committee on Committees. A graduate and an undergraduate student appointed by the respective graduate and undergraduate student associations of the campus, an alumni representative appointed by the alumni association of the campus, a Foundation representative chosen by the President from a panel of names submitted by the Campus Foundation, and a staff employee representative of the campus selected by the Campus Staff Assembly shall be invited to attend all meetings of the Committee with full participation in discussion and debate. The President of the University will convene the Committee.
  3. The five faculty members on the Committee, working with the President of the University or the President's designee will submit to the Committee for evaluation not fewer than five promising candidates. The Committee will evaluate these nominations and may consider or suggest other names. It may interview candidates. It will solicit the opinions of other interested groups in whatever manner it considers appropriate.
  4. Both the committee and the President shall be mindful of the University's firm commitment to diversity in the employment of women and minorities in seeking out the most qualified candidates.
  5. After the Committee has completed its evaluations and advised the President of the University, the President will make his or her recommendation to The Regents for consideration and approval.

*Technical Amendments made by the Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents per Policy 1000

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