Regents Policy 5105: Policy on Innovation Transfer & Entrepreneurship

Approved May 13, 2021

This policy is in response to the findings and recommendations formed by the Regents Working Group on Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship from December 2019 to April 2021.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the University’s innovation transfer and entrepreneurship programs – at both the campus and systemwide levels – achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote the translation of UC’s discoveries into useful products, services, and innovations that not only provide value to individuals and society, but also endeavor to uplift the human condition;
  • Inspire the passion of our faculty and student inventors, as well as provide the problem-solving and collaborative support necessary to translate those ideas into real-world solutions having societal benefit; and
  • Pursue fair value for our intellectual property so UC can continue to grow its excellence in scholarship, research, and global impact.

A. Governance

The responsibility, authority, and accountability for innovation transfer and entrepreneurship shall reside generally with the campuses. Those campuses with defined strategies, as well as adequate programmatic infrastructure and internal controls, will have the authority and flexibility necessary to execute its charge.

The Office of the President shall continue to play an important role in facilitating the success of UC’s innovation transfer enterprise by supporting and facilitating the execution of campus-based strategies and solutions. Its highest and best value comes in leveraging the power and potential of its ten campuses and to perform services no one campus can cost-effectively do on its own, as well as coordinating or addressing multi-campus needs.

B. Funding
The University shall endeavor to provide or raise funds to provide seed capital for early stage development and nascent innovations that have market potential to help the University meets its mission, as identified above.

C. Policy
The University shall periodically review, update and modernize those policies which are core to governing its innovation transfer and entrepreneurship enterprise, as necessary, but no less than every five years.

D. Culture / Reputation
With input from both internal and external stakeholders, the University shall take actions to create an environment encouraging and valuing translational research, innovation, and entrepreneurship on par with other UC enterprises and fields of scholarship and research.

E. Innovation Management System
The University shall endeavor to operate and maintain a state-of-the-art Innovation Management System to handle the IT infrastructure needs of its innovation transfer enterprise, including, at a minimum:

  • Marketing and business development;
  • Patent Prosecution;
  • Intellectual property tracking and management;
  • Accounting, billing, and revenue distribution; and
  • Stakeholder and client relationship management

F. Performance Metrics
The University shall develop goals and measure innovation transfer and entrepreneurship activities with respect to the following: public impact; short and long-term financial returns; customer satisfaction; impact on students; and the participation of women, person with disabilities, and other historically marginalized groups.

The Office of the President shall provide an annual written report detailing progress, successes, failures, and barriers to implementation for each of the areas under Policy Text.

Report of the Regents Working Group on Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship


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