Regents Policy 5103: Policy on Reporting Standards for University of California Significant Information Technology Projects

Approved November 16, 2017

In response to the August 2017 State audit of UCPath and campus information technology (IT) contracts, the Regents committed to establishing standards that require all University locations to report on significant IT projects with an estimated or actual cumulative cost of $5 million or more. The University of California Board of Regents provides oversight for significant decisions and initiatives that affect the operations and finances of the University. This policy establishes reporting standards for all University locations for significant IT projects to ensure that the Board of Regents is fully apprised of project performance, major issues, and changes in scope, and is able to provide effective high-level oversight for these projects.

A. Reporting Standards

  1. All University locations – the Office of the President, campuses, medical centers, and Agriculture and Natural Resources – must report regularly to the Regents on any significant IT projects with an estimated or actual cumulative cost of $5 million or more.
  2. A report covering all University locations will be provided to the Regents no less than three times a year, including at least one presented at a regular Regents meeting. The report will itemize all IT projects costing $5 million or more, and for those IT projects costing $25 million or more, will provide an overview of project performance and include up-to-date information on changes in project scope, projected costs and schedule, as well as significant project risks and related risk mitigation activities.

The Regents delegate to the President of the University the authority to establish, implement, and modify specific project development, management, and reporting guidelines to support University locations in complying with this policy. This authority may be redelegated to an Executive Vice President.

University of California Significant IT Project Management and Reporting Guidelines
Changes to procedures and related documents do not require Regents’ approval, and inclusion or amendment of references to these documents can be implemented administratively by the Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff upon request by the unit responsible for the linked documents.

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