Regents Policy 3301: Policy on Associated Students

Approved May 19, 1972

  1. The Regents reaffirms that the Associated Students on the several campuses of the University are official units of the University exercising authorities concerning student affairs by delegations from The Regents, the President, and the Chancellors; and
  2. The President is authorized to continue to take all administrative action which is necessary or appropriate to treat the Associated Students and all of their activities as integral parts of the University, including, in particular, steps necessary to secure exemption from taxes on property administered by the Associated Students and from government permits and fees for their activities, and actions to confirm that employees of the Associated Students are employees of the University.

Approved June 17, 1977:

As an exception to The Regents' policy adopted on May 19, 1972, concerning the status of the Associated Students of the several campuses of the University, the President of the University is authorized to execute an agreement with the Berkeley campus Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) which would recognize the Berkeley campus ASUC as an independent, nonprofit, unincorporated association and would provide for its operation, either directly or through contractors, of certain services, activities, and facilities on the Berkeley campus, including the student union building, the ASUC Bookstore and Bear's Lair Restaurant, selected vending machine operations, and the Cal-ASUC Box Office.

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