Regents Policy 3102: Principles Underlying the Determination of Registration Fees*

Approved March 15, 2007
Amended March 25, 2010

  1. The Regents approve the development of a multi-year plan to address needs as they arise, such as student mental health support.
  2. The Regents approve the allocation of a significant fraction of the proposed increase in Registration Fee for 2007-08 as permanent funds and as a first step towards meeting the needs of student mental health support.

*Nothing in this policy constitutes a contract, an offer of a contract, or a promise that any fees ultimately authorized by The Regents will be limited by any term or provision of this policy. The Regents expressly reserves the right and option, in its absolute discretion, to establish fees at any level it deems appropriate based on a full consideration of the circumstances, and nothing in this policy shall be a basis for any party to rely on fees of a specified level or based on a specified formula.

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