Regents Policy 2306: Policy on Regents' Professors and Lecturers

Approved May 15, 1959
Updated September 22, 2005

In 1952, The Regents established the Regents' Professor and Regents' Lecturer programs. The purpose of the programs is to bring to the University persons of distinguished achievement who are not normally engaged in academic life. Their achievements are expected to be equivalent to those on which regular University faculty appointments are based. It is expected that the contact of appointees with students and faculty will enrich the instructional programs and learning environment of the University. The titles "Regents' Professor" and "Regents' Lecturer" are used to emphasize the prestige and distinction of incumbents and their special role in campus academic life.

  1. Regents' Professor
    A Regents' Professor serves for a semester/quarter or an academic year. The appointment of a Regents' Professor is made by The Regents, upon recommendation of the President after appropriate campus review. A Regents' Professor is expected to be available for lectures, seminars, and conferences on University of California campuses other than at the one where he or she has an appointment. A Regents' Professor may participate in courses of instruction, and may teach or co-teach a course given for credit, at the discretion of the department chair or dean, and with the concurrence of the appropriate bodies of the Academic Senate.
  2. Regents' Lecturer
    A Regents' Lecturer serves for a relatively short term, in accordance with the guidelines established by the President. The Chancellor is authorized to make Regents' Lecturer appointments, after appropriate campus review. The criteria for a Regents' Lecturer appointment shall be achievements equivalent to those on which appointments to regular University lectureships are based. A Regents' Lecturer is expected to offer public lectures and to be available for seminars, colloquia, and informal consultation with students and faculty members.

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