Regents Policy 2303: Policy on Professorial Name Chairs

Approved November 16, 1962
Amended May 17, 1963, and updated September 22, 2005

The Regents approve the establishment of Professorial Name Chairs to honor the memory of the University's most highly distinguished faculty members, said program to be established in accordance with the following general policies:

  1. The establishment of each Professorial Name Chair, and appointment of each active faculty member thereto, shall be approved by The Regents upon recommendation of the President and the appropriate Chancellor, with the advice of the Academic Senate.
  2. The number of professorial name chairs shall be very limited, and these chairs shall carry the names of only the most distinguished of past professors of the faculty of the University of California; and the occupants of these chairs shall be only the most outstanding of the present members of the University faculty.
  3. The occupant of the chair shall carry the honorary professorial title associated with that chair, but there shall be no other perquisites.

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