Regents Policy 2201: Policy on University of California Admissions Practices and on Participation of Regents and Elected Officials in Individual Admissions Decisions

Approved May 17, 1996

The Regents approved the following recommendation:

WHEREAS the admissions policy of the University of California should be guided by the University's commitment to serve the people of the State of California and the needs of the State as set forth in the California Master Plan for Higher Education, and should be conducted in accordance with the highest standards of impartiality; and

WHEREAS, the California Constitution provides that the University of California is a public trust administered by The Regents of the University of California, imposing upon individual Regents the obligation to take care to avoid the fact or appearance of self-dealing or special interest; and

WHEREAS, members of the Board of Regents should not seek to influence inappropriately the outcome of admissions decisions beyond sending letters of recommendation, where appropriate,through the regular admissions process and officers;


The Board of Regents hereby directs that all admissions to the University of California be based strictly upon admissions policies and guidelines as developed in the established manner involving the Academic Senate, the administration, and the Board and implemented by the President of the University. The Board recognizes that any correspondence or inquiries received from individual Regents and from elected officials may be appropriate but also notes that efforts to inappropriately influence the outcome of individual admissions decisions are not.

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