Regents Policy 2107: Undergraduate Educational Policy

Approved June 20, 1980

Resolved that the Board of Regents affirms the historic commitment of the University of California to a basic educational policy of providing to undergraduates a broad general education, emphasizing humanistic values and intellectual breadth and including the required study of science, technology, social sciences, the arts and humanities;

Resolved further that it shall continue to be a primary responsibility of the faculty of the University of California to establish, in furtherance of this policy, basic courses of study, the satisfactory completion of which shall be prerequisite to the granting of undergraduate degrees by the University; and

Resolved further that the President shall report to the Board of Regents, at an appropriate time in the future, on the status of undergraduate education in the University of California in the context of the aforementioned policy and shall report to the Board of Regents with respect to further plans of the faculty and Chancellor of each campus for strengthening general education in the University.

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