Regents Policy 2104: Policy on Comprehensive Review in Undergraduate Admissions

Approved November 15, 2001

Effective for students entering UC for Fall 2002, The Regents' policy expressed in the 1995 SP-1 resolution (Policy Ensuring Equal Treatment-Admissions) and referenced in the 2001 RE-28 resolution (Future Admissions, Employment, and Contracting Policies - Resolution Rescinding SP-1 and SP-2) will be modified to eliminate the provision that no less than 50 percent and no more than 75 percent of the regularly admitted class be admitted solely on the basis of academic achievement and institute a comprehensive review process by which students applying to UC campuses are evaluated for admission using multiple measures of achievement and promise while considering the context in which each student has demonstrated academic accomplishment.

There shall be an annual review and reporting to The Regents of the effect of this action and, in approving the action, the Board of Regents states that these comprehensive review policies shall be used fairly, shall not use racial preferences of any kind, and shall comply with Proposition 209.

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