Regents Policy 1118: Policy on Reports to the Regents

Approved March 16, 2017

The Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff shall maintain a Schedule of Reports due to the Regents. Reports address significant systemwide policy issues.

New reports shall only become part of the Schedule of Reports if requested by a Committee or the Board in a recommendation that is adopted by the Board or if required by an external agency. The Governance Committee periodically will make a recommendation to the Board to revise the Schedule of Reports to add any such reports adopted by the Board or required by an external agency.

Existing reports may be required by Regents Policy or by Committee Charter. Regents or senior leadership can request a report or presentation on any subject, even if not specified on the Schedule of Reports.

All Board members receive reports mailed between meetings, and those mailings are reported at the next regular meeting of the Board.

The Schedule of Reports and all reports to the Regents will be reviewed every three years to determine whether they remain useful to the Board, and whether they should remain as presentations to a Committee or to the Board or be mailed between meetings. The Board must take affirmative action to extend a report for another three-year period.

Current Schedule of Reports

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