Regents Policy 1105: Policy on Administrative Support for and Reimbursement of Regents and Regents-Designate

Approved October 15, 1982
Amended May 16, 1997, September 22, 2005, and March 16, 2017

  1. Travel expenses incurred by Regents and Regents-designate, for the purpose of attending Board or Committee meetings, visiting campuses or other University facilities in the performance of official business of the University, or attending an event when performing a role as a Regent, shall be reimbursed in accordance with University travel policy on the same basis as that provided for University employees and as approved by the Secretary and Chief of Staff to The Regents. Regents are encouraged to consult with the Secretary and Chief of Staff to determine whether a specific travel invitation is subject to this Policy.
  2. A Regent or a Regent-designate may be reimbursed by the University, through the office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff for general administrative expenses incurred in the performance of official business of the Corporation. Such expenses must be supported by statements of expense submitted by the Regent or the Regent-designate.
  3. The Secretary and Chief of Staff, through the appropriate Chancellor, shall arrange for the provision of administrative support services for the student Regent and the student Regent-designate, including office space with standard office furniture and supplies on the campus where the Regent or Regent-designate is enrolled, a cell phone, a laptop, and a printer. All costs associated with the above will be covered by the Secretary and Chief of Staff’s office.

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