Regents Policy 1101: Policy on Board Education and Assessment

Approved March 20, 2008
Amended July 17, 2008, November 17, 2016, and March 16, 2017

  1. A formal orientation program shall be established for newly appointed Regents to assist them to perform their duties. The program shall provide information regarding the University's history and structure, the individual campuses, the broad range of policy issues expected to come before the Board as well as the recent history of issues before the Board, and the laws and policies that govern a Regent's fiduciary duties. Orientation sessions also shall be open to continuing Regents as appropriate.
  2. The Chair of the Governance Committee, in consultation with the Chair of the Board, may assign continuing Regents to act as mentors on an ongoing basis for newly appointed Regents. In addition, Committee chairs shall consult with Regents newly appointed to their Committees to determine if a committee mentor is appropriate.
  3. All Regents and Regents-designate and the Faculty Representatives to the Board shall be invited and urged to attend scheduled group or individual campus visits. The Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents, with the approval of the Chair of the Board and in consultation with the President of the University and the Chancellors, shall facilitate campus visits.
  4. The Board may conduct periodic Board retreats to discuss governance and planning issues as needed. The Chair of the Board, after consulting with the President of the University and Board members, shall determine the timing, location, and agenda of the retreat.
  5. The Board shall perform a self-assessment to evaluate its performance through an appropriate process, determined by the Governance Committee.
  6. Regents shall take the University’s sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention training for supervisory employees upon their initial appointment and thereafter on the same periodic basis as required for supervisory employees.

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