Regents Policy 1100: Statement of Expectations of the Members of the Board of Regents

Approved November 18, 2004
Amended November 16, 2006, March 20, 2008, November 19, 2009 (effective January 21, 2010), November 17, 2016, and March 16, 2017

Guidelines for Discharge of Regental Duties
The responsibility of individual Regents is to serve as trustees for the people of the State of California and as stewards for the University of California, acting to govern the University in fulfillment of its educational, research, and public service missions in the best interests of the people of California.

Recognizing the broad authority and responsibility vested in the Board of Regents for the governance and operation of the University of California, there is a specific expectation that members of the Board become knowledgeable regarding the educational, research, and public service programs of the University of California as well as the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of Regents.

Members of the Board shall prepare themselves for the issues coming before the Board and to base votes on the information available and their best judgment. An orientation is mandatory for all new Regents

Attendance and Participation
Members of the Board shall attend and participate in meetings of Board and committees to which they are assigned. Board members are also welcome to attend meetings of other committees to which they are not assigned, but they are not required or expected to do so. Board members are also encouraged to attend and participate in other events at which Board member participation is appropriate.

Right to Inspect Records
Each Regent shall have the right to inspect the records of the University, including the right to make extracts. All such requests are to be submitted to the Chair of the Board through the Secretary and Chief of Staff. This policy recognizes the statutory or constitutional rights of third parties, in that while individual Regents may access such records, further distribution may be limited by law.

Board members shall abide by Board decisions and policies in a manner consistent with the member's fiduciary duties. This is not intended to preclude either forthright expression of opposition or efforts to change such policies or decisions. Expression of opinion or position at variance with such policies or decisions should clearly indicate that it is not to be construed as a position of the Board and that the opinion expressed is that of an individual Regent. Board members should respect the opinions of other Board members, University officials, faculty, students, and staff. Consistent with the Regents Policy on the President as Spokesperson for the University (effective January 18, 1962), the President of the University shall be the spokesperson for the University with the Chair of the Board being the spokesperson for the Board.

Board members shall maintain the confidential nature of Board deliberations held in closed session, including written and verbal communication.

Regents shall serve the public trust and fulfill their responsibilities ethically in a manner consistent with that obligation. This means that decisions are to be made solely to promote the best interests of the University as a public trust, rather than the interests of a particular constituency, and that Board members will disclose personal, familial, business relationships, or other potential conflicts of interest as appropriate. Regents’ conduct, whether in their official or private capacity, must be consistent with the University’s Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct and the University’s Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy. Failure to comply with these standards shall be a basis for appropriate action.

Fiduciary Responsibilities
Regents shall accept responsibility for the integrity of the financial, physical, and intellectual resources of the University.

Policy Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the Board to set policy and the responsibility of the University administration to implement and carry out policy, which includes responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the University.

Support for the University
Regents shall be active supporters and advocates for the University and to take opportunities to help with fundraising, legislative advocacy, and other efforts on behalf of the University.

Board Responsibilities
The Board shall:

  1. Appoint, support, assess the performance of, and, if necessary, dismiss the President of the University.
  2. Appoint the Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, other Vice Presidents, Chancellors and Laboratory Directors upon recommendation of the President pursuant to Bylaw 22.2.
  3. Approve and periodically review the appropriateness and consequences of all major institutional policies and programs, including addition or discontinuation of major programs and services consistent with the institution’s mission and financial capacity.
  4. Ensure that good planning is done periodically, participate in the process as appropriate, assess the quality of the outcomes, and monitor progress against goals.
  5. Fulfill fiduciary responsibilities by approving and monitoring the annual budget, protecting the institution’s financial and capital assets, ensuring responsible and prudent investment of funds, and ensuring a comprehensive compliance program and annual audit process.
  6. Ensure adequate resources and their effective management. This includes serving as advocates for institutional needs with external constituencies.
  7. Interpret the institution to the public and defend the institution, when necessary, from inappropriate intrusion.
  8. Ensure that the Board’s reputation is exemplary in the course of meeting its responsibilities.
  9. Ensure that the institution serves as a good citizen in its relationships with other social, educational, and business enterprises through appropriate collaborations and partnerships.
  10. Assess the Board’s performance periodically through an appropriate process.

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