Regents Policy 1000: Policy on Policies of the Regents of the University Of California

Adopted September 22, 2005
Amended March 16, 2017

The Regents of the University of California adhere to the following principles in setting policy for the University.

  • Policies approved by the Regents will be broad statements supporting the purpose, principles and philosophy of the tripartite mission of the University as a guide for subsequent action. They communicate important, enduring systemwide governing principles rather than specifying operational details, restating laws or regulations, or responding to particular issues.
  • Policies approved by the Regents will help ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, enhance the University's mission, reduce risk to the institution, or reflect the fiduciary responsibilities of the Board.
  • Policies approved by the Regents are implemented through the President's role in the development of associated guidelines, administrative policies, and procedures.
  • Policies approved by the Regents will receive careful deliberation and will be acted upon after appropriate consultation with student, faculty, and staff constituencies and the General Counsel.

Substantive amendments to Regents Policies are approved by the Board at the recommendation of the Governance Committee. However, the Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents is authorized to make minor editorial or administrative changes after review by the Board Chair and the General Counsel.

Amendment of Regents Policy shall be determined by a majority of votes cast by Regents present, excluding abstentions and recusals.

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