Appendix K - Charter of the Special Committee on Athletics

Adopted May 18, 2023

A. Purpose. The primary purpose of the Special Committee on Athletics shall be to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for oversight of intercollegiate athletics programs including but not limited to the following areas:

  1. Explore the health, safety, and academic success of student-athletes at all University of California campuses. This may include:
    • Review of travel impacts on student-athletes’ educational accomplishments, mental health, and physical health;
    • Review of budgeted academic support provided to student-athletes to ensure adequate resource allocation for student success;
    • Review of mental health services and nutritional support provided to student-athletes overall;
    • Review differential impacts by sport.
  2. Provide oversight of any compliance and audit activities to assess the effectiveness of athletics departments’ governance, internal controls, and risk management.
  3. Provide strategic direction and guidance, and make recommendations to the Board when appropriate, on matters that impact student-athletes and athletic programs.
  4. Review systemwide policies in the area of intercollegiate athletics.

B. Duration. The Special Committee on Athletics shall be established for two years, effective upon approval by the Regents.

C. Membership/Appointment/Term. The Special Committee shall be comprised of the following voting members: President of the Board, Chair of the Board, President of the University, and no fewer than 3 additional Regents. A quorum of the committee shall be a majority of voting members. The Special Committee may include non-voting advisory members, including Faculty Representatives, Chancellors, and/or UC-affiliated or external advisors with expertise relevant to the committee.
The Chair of the Board will make appointments, including the Committee Chair, to the Special Committee for a two-year term.

D. Reporting. The Special Committee shall report annually to the Board on its discussions and recommendations.

E. Consultation With Other Committee Chairs. The Special Committee shall consult with Chairs of other Standing Committees, as appropriate, in making determinations and recommendations regarding student affairs and academic instruction, internal audits, and University financial affairs and business operations related to athletics.

F. Meetings. The Special Committee shall meet at least three times each year.

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