Appendix G - Charter of the Special Committee on Basic Needs

Adopted November 15, 2018

A. Purpose. The Special Committee on Basic Needs shall review campus, systemwide, and national trends in regards to supporting students’ basic needs at the University of California, including efforts to address food, housing, and financial insecurity. The Special Committee shall have the authority to explore the scope and impact of basic needs insecurity, review campus basic needs initiatives, review basic needs efforts among campuses, the Office of the President, and the California State government, and report to the Board on basic needs improvement for students attending the University of California.

B. Membership/Terms of Service. The Special Committee on Basic Needs shall be established for two years. Members of the Special Committee shall be appointed by the Chair of the Board for one-year terms in consultation with the Chair of the Governance and Compensation Committee, and may include Chancellors and other advisory members.

C. Oversight Responsibilities. The charge of the Special Committee shall include reviewing long-term goals and reporting to the Board with regard to the following matters:

  • Campus housing security initiatives
  • Food security initiatives and programs
  • Establishment of campus basic needs centers
  • Financial aid and cost of attendance
  • Student services
  • Mental health services
  • Child Care Services

D. Reporting. The Special Committee shall issue a report on basic needs to guide UC’s long-term strategic vision to address basic needs.


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