Appendix C ‐ Charter of the Finance and Capital Strategies Committee

Adopted July 20, 2016
Amended March 16, 2017
Amended March 15, 2018
Amended January 17, 2019

A. Purpose. The Finance and Capital Strategies Committee shall provide strategic direction and oversight, make recommendations to the Board, and take action pursuant to delegated authority, on matters pertaining to the University’s fiscal and financial affairs, business operations, land use, and capital facilities and strategies.

B. Membership/Terms of Service. The identity, appointment and terms of service of Committee members shall be as specified in Bylaws 24.4 through 24.6.

C. Oversight Responsibilities. In addition to the consent responsibilities assigned to the Committee described above, and to the extent not otherwise within such authority, the charge of the Committee shall include reviewing and making recommendations to the Board with regard to the following matters and/or with regard to the following areas of the University’s business:

  • Annual financial statements
  • Expenditures and appropriation of funds
  • Cash management
  • Bank accounts and banking relationships
  • External financing
  • Capital Financial Plans (e.g. 10 Year Capital Financial Plan)
  • Capital planning and capital budget requests
  • University Budget and planning
  • State Budget requests
  • Review of operating and capital budgets on a campus by campus basis
  • Indirect cost recovery
  • Financial Performance of Insurance programs
  • Captive insurance affiliates and programs
  • Procurement
  • Significant financial programs (e.g. Fiat Lux, asset management)
  • Large‐scale enterprise systems (e.g. UC PATH)
  • Annual valuations for UCRP and the retiree health program
  • University of California Employee Housing Assistance Program
  • Real estate sales, purchases and leases, easements, licenses, mineral rights
  • Physical design framework
  • Design approvals
  • Facilities Operations
  • Long Range Development Plans (LRDPs) and environmental policy matters
  • Energy matters
  • Sustainability matters

The assignment of responsibilities to this Standing Committee under Paragraphs C and D signifies that it is the Committee to which matters otherwise appropriate for Board consideration generally will be referred and does not create an independent obligation to present a matter to this Standing Committee or its Subcommittee, to the Board or to any other Committee.

D. Consultation with Other Committees. The Committee shall consult with the Chair of the National Laboratories Subcommittee in advance of, or concurrent with, consideration, recommendation, or approval, of projects of strategic importance to the National Laboratories. The Committee shall consult with the Health Services Committee on plans for improvements and capital improvement requests involving UC Health or any of its components prior to or concurrent with consideration, recommendation, or approval by the Finance and Capital Strategies Committee. This requirement applies only to those capital projects that are related to patient care or research, or are otherwise of strategic importance to UC Health.

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