Appendix A - Charter of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Adopted July 20, 2016
Amended March 16, 2017 and May 16, 2019

A. Purpose. The Academic and Student Affairs Committee shall provide strategic direction and oversight, make recommendations to the Board, and take action pursuant to delegated authority, on matters pertaining to the educational philosophy and objectives of the University, to admissions policy, to student affairs, to student and faculty diversity, and to the academic planning, instruction, research and public service activities of the University.

B. Membership/Terms of Service. The identity, appointment and terms of service of Committee members shall be as specified in Bylaws 24.4 through 24.6, except that the California Superintendent of Public Instruction shall be added to the Committee as a voting ex officio member.

C. Oversight Responsibilities. The charge of the Committee shall include reviewing and making recommendations to the Board with regard to the following matters and/or with regard to the following areas of the University’s business:

  • Enrollment and admissions
  • Access and affordability for undergraduate, graduate academic, and graduate professional students
  • Residency
  • Student life and student conduct
  • Sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention
  • Academic personnel
  • Faculty life and faculty conduct
  • Privilege and Tenure
  • Undergraduate, graduate academic and graduate professional curricula
  • Degrees and Certificates
  • Academic Calendar
  • Establishment and disestablishment of campuses, colleges and schools
  • Research directions, funding, structures and accomplishments
  • Internal and external research collaboration
  • Intellectual property
  • Technology transfer and commercialization
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in curricula, degrees and research
  • Public service related to academic affairs
  • Master Plan for Higher Education
  • Strategic Academic Plans
  • K-12 engagement, student preparation for college success, and school improvement
  • Diversity
  • Campus climate and inclusion
  • CSU and CCC relations
  • Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Natural Reserve System
  • Appointments of Regents Professors and University Professors
  • Approval of equivalent academic ranks

The assignment of responsibility to this Standing Committee under Paragraph C signifies that it is the Committee to which matters otherwise appropriate for Board consideration generally will be referred and does not create an independent obligation to present a matter to this Standing Committee, to the Board or to any other Committee.


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