Bylaw 40. Academic Senate

40.1 Duties and Powers of the Academic Senate.

The Regents recognize that faculty participation in the shared governance of the University of California through the agency of the Academic Senate ensures the quality of instruction, research and public service at the University and protects academic freedom. The Academic Senate shall perform such duties as the Board may direct and shall exercise such powers as the Board may confer upon it. The Academic Senate, subject to the approval of the Board, shall determine the conditions for admission and for certificates and degrees, and recommend to the President all candidates for degrees. The Academic Senate shall authorize and supervise all courses and curricula, except in the Hastings College of the Law, in professional schools offering work at the graduate level only, and over non-degree courses in the University Extension. No change in the curriculum of a college or professional school shall be made by the Academic Senate until such change shall have been submitted to the formal consideration of the faculty concerned. The Academic Senate may select committees to advise the President and Chancellors on campus and University budgets and, through the President, or to the Regents directly by a formal Memorial, may address the Board on any matter pertaining to the conduct and welfare of the University. 

40.2 Organization of the Academic Senate.

Membership in the Academic Senate is as determined in Regents Policy. The Academic Senate shall organize and choose its own officers and committees and may delegate authority to its divisions or committees as appropriate.

40.3 Special Provisions Concerning Faculty.

(a) No Political Test
No political test shall ever be considered in the appointment and promotion of any faculty member or employee.
(b) Privilege of a Hearing Before the Academic Senate
Any member of the Academic Senate shall have the privilege of a hearing by the appropriate committee or committees of the Academic Senate on any matter relating to personal, departmental, or University welfare.
(c) Tenure
All appointments to the positions of Professor and Associate Professor and to positions of equivalent rank are continuous in tenure until terminated by retirement, demotion, or dismissal. The termination of a continuous tenure appointment or the termination of the appointment of any other member of the faculty before the expiration of the appointee's contract shall be only for good cause, after the opportunity for a hearing before the properly constituted advisory committee of the Academic Senate, except as otherwise provided in a Memorandum of Understanding for faculty who are not members of the Academic Senate.
An Assistant Professor who has completed eight years of service in that title, or in that title in combination with other titles as established by the President, shall not be continued after the eighth year unless promoted to Associate Professor or Professor. By exception, the President may approve appointment of an Assistant Professor beyond the eighth year for no more than two years.
(d) Security of Employment
A Lecturer-Potential Security of Employment appointed at more than half time who has completed eight years of service in that title, or in that title in combination with other titles as established by the President, shall not be continued in that title after the eighth year unless given appointment with security of employment.
By exception, the President may approve appointment of a Lecturer-Potential Security of Employment on more than half time beyond the eighth year without security of employment, but may not extend it beyond two years.
(e) Dismissal
Dismissal of an academic appointee who holds tenure or security of employment shall be only for good cause and shall be voted by the Board upon recommendation of the President of the University, following consultation with the appropriate Chancellor. Prior to recommending dismissal, the Chancellor shall consult with the appropriate advisory committee(s) of the Division of the Academic Senate.

Not amended after September 27, 2018

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