Bylaw 31. Chancellors

The Chancellors of the University campuses are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Board, on recommendation of and in consultation with the President of the University. The Chancellors serve as the executive heads of their respective campuses, implementing the policies and objectives of the Board and of the President of the University, and apprising the Board and the President of the University of significant developments affecting their campuses and the University. The Chancellors set the policies, goals and strategic direction for their campuses, consistent with those of the University. The Chancellors are responsible for the organization, internal administration, operation, financial management, and discipline of their campuses within the budget and policies approved by the Board and/or the President of the University. They oversee all faculty personnel and other staff at their locations, and appoint all members of the instructional staff, and may fix their remuneration in accordance with the provisions of the budget established by the Board and the salary scales of the University. The Chancellor shall consult with a properly constituted advisory committee of the Academic Senate regarding appointment, compensation, promotion or dismissal of Senate faculty.

On recommendation of the Academic Senate, the Chancellors are authorized to confer academic degrees on candidates successfully completing their courses of instruction.  The Chancellors are authorized to serve as principal spokespersons for their campuses, and shall preside at all formal functions of their campuses unless they delegate the presiding function to a campus provost, vice chancellor, or dean.

Not amended after September 30, 2021

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