Bylaw 30. President of the University

The President of the University is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board, and exercises authority delegated by the Board pursuant to Bylaw 22.1.  The President is the executive head of the University and facilitates the development by the Board of the University’s direction, goals and strategy.  The President implements the policies and objectives of the Board, and keeps the Board informed of all significant developments affecting the University.  The President administers the day to day central and/or system-wide functions of the University, except those activities within the responsibility of the Principal Officers.  The President develops, and on the approval of the Board, manages the University budget.  The President serves as the academic leader of the University, subject to any authority delegated to the Academic Senate, and is expected to consult with the Academic Senate, consistent with the principles of shared governance, on issues of significance to the general welfare and conduct of the faculty. The President is charged with establishing a University environment that is conducive to compliance with law, regulation, policy and ethical principles.  The President is expected to promote diversity in the University community, consistent with applicable law and the public mission of the University. The President serves as principal administrative spokesperson for the University, promoting the University’s interests and managing its reputation with external stakeholders.  Except as may be otherwise provided in the Bylaws or as may be within the authority of a Principal Officer, the President represents the University before the executive and legislative branches of the state and federal governments, and of any foreign governments.

Not amended after July 20, 2016

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