Search for Chief Investment Officer to the Regents, 2013

The Chairman of the Board of Regents has appointed a search committee to consider the selection of a Chief Investment Officer, and to recommend to the Board an appointment. The committee will develop a plan for recruiting, screening and conducting interviews for the position. In addition, the university community and members of the public are welcome to submit nominations and comments.


Nominations can be sent to:

Ms. Anne Keyser
David Barrett Partners

Nominations should be received by Friday, September 6, 2013.

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Search committee membership

  • Regent Paul Wachter, Chair
  • Regent Russ Gould, Vice Chair
  • Regent George Kieffer
  • Regent Hadi Makarechian
  • President Janet Napolitano
  • Mr. David Crane, member, Regents’ Investment Advisory Group
  • Ms. Mary Gilly, Professor and Vice Chair-Elect, Academic Senate
  • Mr. Bruce Lehmann, consultant, Regents’ Investment Advisory Group
  • Mr. Charles Martin, member, Regents’ Investment Advisory Group
  • Mr. Gary Rogers, member, Regents' Investment Advisory Group
  • Mr. Maurice Salter, UC Foundation Board Representative and Immediate Past Chair, UCLA Foundation
  • Mr. Peter Taylor, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Job description

The Chief Investment Officer of the Regents and Vice President for Investments  is responsible for managing all investments for retirement, endowment and cash assets for the University of California system, including UC’s ten campuses, five academic medical centers, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  The Investments Office carries out these activities under the policies, guidelines, and performance benchmarks established by The Regents. The Office’s mission is to implement those policies and guidelines by selecting, executing, and monitoring investment strategies designed to add value over the benchmarks within a risk controlled framework.  As of March 31, 2013, the Investments Office manages over $80 billion in assets.  More...

For more information on the duties and responsibilities of the CIO, see Bylaw 21.4

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Selection criteria

Experience in managing large portfolio investments, ability to oversee public institutional investments

  • Demonstration of sound investment and economic knowledge of investment analysis and/or portfolio management.
  • Documented experience in formulating, representing, discussing, and initiating sound and cogent investment policies and strategies.  
  • Proven track record of successful management of large fund portfolios with direct experience in investment management across asset classes (including equity experience).
  • Minimum of ten years experience working in investment analysis and/or portfolio management at a senior management or executive level.
  • Minimum of five years experience with large fund portfolio management, preferably a multi-sector pension or endowment fund, or combination of funds.
  • Knowledge of industry compensation practices and ability to apply them appropriately in a public university setting.

Ability to lead and manage people

  • Proven ability to attract, train, and foster the professional development of a strong team of investment, banking, cash management, financial analysis, and analytical professionals.
  • Proven ability to oversee and manage a large group of investment, banking, cash management, financial analysis, and analytical professionals.
  • Documented experience in working with and evaluating the performance of consultants and external investment managers. 

Ability to communicate within the University community and externally

  • Documented experience in successfully reporting on ongoing activities and performance.
  • Proven ability to work effectively, synergistically, and energetically, and to communicate clearly and concisely with Regents and the University community.
  • Proven ability to oversee effective and clear communication with a large number of diverse constituencies.

Educational background:  BA/BS degree required, MBA preferred

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Comments on criteria and process

Comments on the selection criteria can be sent to:

Ms. Marsha Kelman
Secretary & Chief of Staff to The Regents

Comments on the criteria should be received by Friday, August 30, 2013.

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