Regents Policy 6201: Investment Policy for the University of California Campus Foundations

Approved March 19, 2009
Amended March 29, 2012

The Regents authorizes the Committee on Investments to review the investment policies and practices of campus foundations and conduct an annual review of statements of investment policy and reports of investment performance in a format approved by the Committee on Investments, together with the annual financial reports of campus foundations as audited by certified public accountants. The Chief Investment Officer of The Regents is available to provide investment management services, without charge, for any campus foundation which requires such service.

Delegation to Campus Foundations and Statement of Policy
The Administrative Guidelines for Campus Foundations provide that each Campus Foundation Board of Directors has the duty to develop an appropriate investment policy for such Foundation. It is the policy of the Regents that each Campus Foundation shall develop and follow an appropriate investment policy, and shall act as a prudent investor in accordance with applicable law, using a portfolio approach in making investments and considering the risk and return objectives of the endowment funds. A Campus Foundation may hold and invest endowments and funds functioning as endowments on a long-term basis. All such investments must be consistent with the terms of the gift instrument. Investment operations shall be conducted in accordance with prudent, sound practices to ensure that gift assets are protected and enhanced and that a reasonable return is achieved, and with due regard for the fiduciary responsibilities of the Foundation's governing Board and the Regents. Financial activities of a Campus Foundation shall be administered and reported in accordance with prudent business practices and generally accepted accounting principles.

Reporting from Campus Foundations
The Regents' generalist investment consultant shall review investment procedures and results annually and report the findings to the Regents. The Administrative Guidelines for Campus Foundations require the following reports from the Campus Foundations to the generalist investment consultant:

  • A Campus Foundation's enabling documents (e.g., articles of incorporation, bylaws, constitution) shall be provided, and any amendments shall be forwarded promptly following any revision.
  • Within 90 days of the close of each fiscal year, a Campus Foundation shall submit a detailed report comparing budgeted to actual administrative expenditures by fund source.
  • Copies of the Foundation's report to the State Registry of Charitable Trusts, tax returns, and a current list of Foundation officers, directors or trustees, and legal counsel shall be provided promptly each year.
  • The external auditor shall furnish a copy of the audit report, including the letter to management with management's response, promptly following the completion of the audit each year.
  • A copy of each Foundation's investment policy shall be provided, and any amendments thereto shall be forwarded promptly following any revision.
  • A copy of each investment performance report shall be provided 45 days following the close of each quarter.

Review by Investment Consultant
The Regents' generalist investment consultant shall review, initially and at the time of any change, each Foundation's investment policy, asset allocation policy, and performance on an annual basis, including:

  • Asset allocation relative to its policy, and
  • Performance by asset class and relative to its benchmarks, and provide a report to the Committee on Investments annually on their findings.
  • In addition, on an annual basis, beginning with the Fiscal Year 2006-2007, the Regents' investment consultant will review the written investment policies and governance structure of each Foundation to ensure that each set of written policies includes, at a minimum:
  • Asset allocation target percentages,
  • Ranges for each asset class,
  • Policy benchmarks for each asset class and in total, and
  • Investment guidelines for each asset class.

The Regents' generalist investment consultant will raise any issues of concern with the campus foundations, and subsequently, if necessary, with the Committee on Investments.

If any Foundation approves changes to its investment policy (including but not limited to asset allocation targets and policy benchmarks), it must communicate such change to the Regents’ generalist investment consultant prospectively before the effective date of such change.

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