Regents Policy 1302: Policy on Appearances Before the Board and Committees - Public Comment Period

Approved January 20, 1995
Amended September 19, 1997, July 18, 2002 and September 22, 2005

Members of the public are invited to address The Regents of the University of California whenever The Regents or any of its Committees meets in open session in accordance with the guidelines below. In addition, written communications to The Regents are always welcome.

  1. On any day that The Regents or any of its Committees meets in open session, the first open meeting will be a twenty-minute meeting of the Committee of the Whole for the purpose of hearing public comment. Individual speakers will be invited to speak for up to three minutes, depending on the number of individuals who have signed up to speak.
  2. In order to accommodate those individuals wishing to speak when more people have signed up to address the Committee than can be heard, the Chairman may adjust the procedures at his/her discretion.
  3. Speakers at the public comment sessions may address any University-related matter. When signing up to speak, individuals will identify the matter they wish to address.
  4. A sign-up sheet is used to record those who wish to address the Committee of the Whole. Anyone who wishes to speak may call the Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff after the Notice of Meeting for The Regents meeting has been published or may sign up on the day of the meeting. The sign-up sheet is made available at the meeting location at least one hour before the public comment period is scheduled, and members of the public must sign up prior to that scheduled time.
  5. Three or more speakers may pool their time to provide up to seven minutes for a group representative. Those individuals intending to yield their time must be present at the meeting when their names are called to confirm their willingness to do so. If individual speaking times are reduced at the meeting, pooled times will also be reduced. Individuals who speak for less than their allotted time may not yield their remaining time to another speaker.
  6. Written comments and materials brought for the Regents by speakers will be accepted during public comment and be available to the Regents during the duration of the meeting.


See also: Guidelines for Public Comment Sessions.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff to The Regents.

Conduct at Regents' Meetings

Any person who is attending a Regents' Public Comment Period or other Open Session Meeting and is identified as engaging in conduct which is disruptive to the meeting will be removed from the meeting and not readmitted for the remainder of the day.