Student Regent

The student Regent is a voting member of The Regents of the University of California, attending all meetings of the Board and its Committees and serving a one-year term commencing July 1. The Board of Regents meets six times a year, every other month, in two-day meetings.

The powers and authorities of The Regents are broadly established in the Constitution of the State of California and are reflected in Bylaw 5 of The Regents of the University of California.

The student Regent is reimbursed for expenses incurred for attendance at meetings of the Board and its Committees. All mandatory University fees and tuition are waived for the student Regent during the academic years in which he or she serves as a Regent-designate and as a member of the Board.

The current student Regent is Sadia Saifuddin, a student at the University of California, Berkeley.

Student Regent-designate

UCLA student Abraham "Avi" Oved has been appointed to be the student Regent for 2015-16.. He is a non-voting Regent-designate from July 16, 2014 until his term begins on July 1, 2015.

Student Regent application information

Applications for the 2015-16 Student Regent were due  February 20, 2014.  The Student Regent will be appointed by the Regents at their July meeting.

Student Regent

Cinthia Flores

The current student Regent is Sadia Saifuddin, a student at UC Berkeley.

Avi Oved

The current Student Regent-designate is Abraham "Avi" Oved, a student at UCLA.