Standing Order 100. Officers of the University

100.6: Duties of the Chancellors

  1. The Chancellor of each campus shall be the chief campus officer thereof and shall be the executive head of all activities on that campus, except as herein otherwise provided and excepting such activities as may be designated by the Board as University-wide activities; and with reference to these on a particular campus the Chancellor shall be consulted. In all matters within the Chancellor's jurisdiction, the Chancellor shall have administrative authority within the budgeted items for the campus and in accordance with policies for the University as determined by the President of the University. The Chancellor shall be responsible for the organization and operation of the campus, its internal administration, and its discipline; and decisions made by the Chancellor in accordance with the provisions of the budget and with policies established by the Board or the President of the University shall be final. The Chancellor of each campus shall nominate Officers, faculty members, and other employees on that campus in accordance with the provisions of these Standing Orders.
  2. The Chancellor on each campus shall appoint all the members of the instructional staff deemed necessary for the conduct of instruction in any summer session on that campus, and may fix their remuneration in accordance with the provisions of the budget established by the Board and of the salary scales of the University.
  3. The Chancellor of each campus shall preside at all formal functions on that campus. At formal exercises and ceremonies attended by the President, the Chancellor shall present the President, who, as the University's chief executive, shall function in accordance with the University's rules for protocol and procedure. The Chancellor, with the approval of the President, may replace or supplement formal exercises on the campus, including Commencement exercises, with informal functions at which Vice Chancellors, Provosts, or Deans may preside.

Includes amendments through February 19, 1971