Regents Policy 2111: Policy on Academic Verification

Approved January 25, 2018

  1. The academic verification process will be used for no other purpose than confirming the qualifications of new students for admission to the University regardless of whether a campus anticipates meeting its undergraduate enrollment target for any given term.
  2. All campuses will send at least two direct communications prior to the July 1 deadline.
  3. Campuses will send notices via mail to the applicant’s current postal address and/or attempt to make direct contact to encourage students to follow through on the final steps prior to enrollment.
  4. The University will maintain at least a two-week grace period after published deadlines and send a minimum of two direct reminder communications prior to taking any action on new students who have not completed the steps to enrollment.
  5. Campuses will consider alternative practices before withdrawing a student’s admission, such as placing a hold on enrollment.
  6. Campuses will review other indicators of students’ enrollment commitment to assess their likelihood of enrolling in the fall and targeting any additional outreach efforts. These indicators could include, but are not limited to, participation in an orientation program, submitting a housing deposit, or registering for classes.
  7. Notification of withdrawal of admission will include clear instructions and deadlines for appeals.

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