Regents Policy 8101: Policy on Campus and Community Planning and Development

Approved October 22, 1965
Amended November 12, 1970
Updated September 22, 2005

The Regents of the University of California have adopted and maintain for each campus a Long Range Development Plan, as a guide to orderly development, and every effort is being made to develop campuses of academic distinction and physical beauty;

Each campus and its surrounding community are highly interdependent with respect to housing, traffic, commercial services, community facilities, and environmental design, and

The success of the University's efforts is greatly affected by the compatibility of the community development.

The Regents declare as policy an objective to secure the development of each campus community to the highest and best standards of contemporary planning and design responsible to and compatible with unique campus requirements.

In implementation of the above, the administration requests that appropriate community authorities strive vigorously and continuously for the development of a distinctive community in the environs of each campus compatible with the requirements of that campus.

The Regents acknowledge concern with social and economic conditions in the environs of the several campuses and encourage appropriate consultations with community interests and offer campus resources and leadership for community planning and development.

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