Regents Policy 1102: Policy on the Operation of the Board and its Committees

Approved June 23, 1961
Amended January 2004, September 2005, November 2006, and January 2007

  1. All items shall, and background material and reports for presentation to The Regents, including those of the Secretary and Chief of Staff, General Counsel, Chief Investment Officer, Senior Vice President-Chief Compliance and Audit Officer, and individual Regents, should be submitted in advance of the meeting to the President of the University, who shall be responsible for the preparation of agendas, the advance consultation with Committee Chairmen and the Chairman of the Board, and for the coordination of all material for presentation to The Regents. The Committee Chair will approve the agenda for his or her Committee, with the provision that any Regent may request that an item be placed on the agenda. Any Regent may place an item on the agenda of the Committee of the Whole.
  2. The majority of the membership of a Standing Committee should serve more than one year to assure continuity.
  3. Concurrent and off-cycle Committee meetings are encouraged when scheduling permits.

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